About Us


 Mission Statement:

The Upton Fire and EMS Association functions as a non-profit organization to support the Town of Upton Fire and EMS Departments and the community of Upton as a whole. Further, but not limited to, participate in, and support, public and private functions, fundraisers, and charitable events. Such participation may include:

➢ providing scholarships,
➢ supporting charitable auctions or events,
➢ forming partnerships with care organizations that provide for the needy or elderly,
➢ supporting the Town of Upton youth by participating in and supporting holiday parades and functions for other seasonal activities,Group
➢ performing fundraising and giving donations to special needs and assistance to victims or relatives of victims of fire, medical or other catastrophes, 
➢ offsetting the cost, through fundraisers, of necessary Fire and EMS equipment and or other items, so as to not put the sole burden of the cost of such items onto the Town and it’s taxpayers.